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Know the status of your team and cross check this with a member’s skills or qualifications. Make sure you have the right team for the job every time.

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Real-time Chat

Chat to the whole team, chat one-to-one or create as many custom chat groups within your team or across the A2Mate platform. Collaborate the way you want to suit your needs.

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Capture the availability or unavailability information of your team. Set thresholds to know when response levels are low. Weekly or Monthly outlook.

Integrated System

Governments, business and community organisations can all benefit from our integrated team-based application that assists teams to coordinate, monitor, manage and track members response and attendance to incidents. A consistent user experience across both platforms - smart device and web browser applications.

Use it as your "go-to" tool or supplement with your primary alerting and notification systems by integrating with your other Industry platforms.

Customised for use in:

  • Fire & Rescue
  • Education
  • Building Management
  • Hospitality
  • Policing & Security
  • Utilities & Mining
  • Medical & First Aid

So many features to better connect your staff or volunteers

Communicate and Alert your team as it is happening – staff and volunteers can easily provide their response to an alert, message or request.

Our range features help you know where your people are and know they are out of harms way as it is happening or know who in your team is responding to ensure you have the right team.

Discover how A2mate can work for you and use it as part of your everyday business.

A2Mate Cool Features

Real Time Chat

Real Time Chat

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Incident Location

Incident Location

Team Response

Team Response

Intuitive Management Console

Intuitive Management Console

Activities - Meetings & Training

Real Time Chat

Team Location

Team Response

Push Notifications

Custom Group Chat

Rostering & Availability

A2Mate Pricing

Prices are per user - billed monthly

No packages of unused users - just pay for what you use

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Questions and answer

Can I trial or demo for free?

Yes. You can try A2Mate any time for 30 days free of charge. Follow the link to start your free trial. Get Started Here!

Who receives alert notifications?

All relevant team members will receive alert, availability and message notifications.

How many users can my team or account have?

There is no limitation on how many users a team or group of teams can have in their account. You only pay for the number of users you have for any given month.

How secure is my data?

A2Mate is a cloud based platform using Industry best practice standards. We also maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect data against loss, misuse, damage or modification and unauthorised access or disclosure. Read more on our privacy policy and your data

Do you have policy around GDPR laws and the European Economic Area (EEA)?

We take privacy and your data seriously - For users in the EEA please refer our privacy policy

Can I integrate with other system via an API?

Yes - We can provide API keys to enable 3rd party integration to support a range of automated alerting. Contact Us!

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