The world is changing

Increasing occurrences of natural disasters, rising terrorist and biohazards attacks, a global populist movement, stringent government regulations, and the ever-changing climate conditions.

A2M is connecting community, enterprise and emergency management using 21st century proprietary tools for day-to-day emergency response through to large scale emergencies and disasters.

A2M Cloud


In an age when the tap of a button sends a ride or meal to your doorstep, shouldn’t time critical emergency communication operate with the same efficiency.

Whether you’re ensuring the safety of a city of millions, two hundred fans, twenty thousand students or two dozen employees, the A2M product range puts superior emergency alerting tools in your hands and in the hands of your community, enhancing your overall strategy.

Supporting iOS, Android and platform interoperability.

Alert 2 Me


A community focused application enabling real-time location-based notifications to the user when an emergency situation occurs nearby.

Alert2Me is designed to be simple and informative, with an interface that is easy to navigate, it provides the user with live incident and warning information from participating central or local governments and emergency services.

Alert 2 Mate


An integrated team based application that assists teams to coordinate, monitor, manage and track members response and attendance to incidents.

A powerful communication platform, that connects you to your team during critical events, keeping them safe and informed. Whether it be emergency operation teams or organisation based, the platform provides emergency mass communication and monitoring of all major incidents.

Alert 2 Many


In an era of dynamic events unfolding at extreme speed, A2Many is designed for first response emergency awareness. It empowers personnel responding in the field to get the message out fast. Enabling on-scene personnel to push an immediate report or show a cordon area or danger zone. Those affected within the area are then notified and informed via A2Me.

Alert 2 Major


A Business Continuity Management (BCM) enabler for enterprise and agencies to monitor their assets and supply chain logistics in real-time against external risks, enterprise alerting and internal common operating picture.