Alert 2 Me

PUBLIC ALERT - Enhancing Informative dissemination

Who is A2Me for?

Community members who wish to keep informed and up-to-date with public and emergency communications from their authorised authorities.

What is A2Me?

Alert2Me is a simple and informative dissemination and communications platform - your multi-channel approach to being informed of timely and accurate emergency information in order for you to make informed decisions. Enables statutory or authorised providers of warnings and public information with a free to the public interface. Alert2Me is an easy to navigate, user configurable and spatially capable application to deliver more effective emergency warnings, incident and public information to your community.

Designed for smart devices, it includes spatial and alerting capabilities to enhance the tailored distribution of official information.

The aim of Alert2Me is to deliver timely emergency information to all, creating safer and more resilient communities worldwide. It is a sustainable emergency management system that creates awareness to reduce consequences during emergencies.

Key Features

An application that delivers information as part of your multi-channel approach, during times of civil emergencies and natural disaster.

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