Alert 2 Many

AGENCY ALERT - Empower timely emergency awareness

Who is A2Many for?

Statutory and authorised providers of warnings and public information – a powerful enabler for first responders and municipal and enterprise based management.

What is A2Many?

Alert2Many allows the input of critical information for immediate distribution, straight from an incident scene for direct integration into your multi-channel system or our public distribution application Alert2Me.

Designed for use in high pressure environments, it is ideal for dynamic emergency events and other time critical non-emergency information distribution. In these circumstances, timely and accurate dissemination of cordon areas and other critical incident information is fundamental to successful response management to ensure community safety.

Engineered to be simple for use under pressure, Alert2Many empowers first responders in the field to inform with ease and alert those within the danger zone within minutes of the event occurring, whilst using geo-mapping and multimedia information to connect with operations centres, to provide a view the situation in real-time.

This application can also be used to manage input for local level advice or gather critical information from your users to achieve situational awareness, including but not limited to road closures, beach closures, event spaces and other pertinent information.

Key Features

Simple, Fast and Capable - your application for field situational reporting and easy dissemination of visually rich critical event information. Available for full integration with existing early warning systems or as part of your A2M Cloud suite.

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