Alert 2 Major

ENTERPRISE ALERT - Integrated continuity coordination

Who is A2Major for?

A2Major is tailored to large enterprise organisations to complement their business continuity planning and response strategies by overlay enterprise assets with civil emergency or disaster information, in order to alert or activate internal management groups to coordinate business operations.

What is A2Major?

An enterprise system built to enable enterprises the ability to monitor their assets and supply chain logistics in real time, against external risks of natural disasters and civil emergencies.

A2Major is a dynamic integrated platform used to enhance a variety of operational and logistical communication needs for large scale enterprises. With a focus on simplicity and mobility, it has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate and will assist decision making during high-pressure and time-sensitive situations. With the ability to directly integrate company asset information, it allows the user to inject timely notifications into their operational processes, improving overall efficiency with real-time response and recovery coordination.

Our cloud-based platform delivers communications that can assist organisations to gain enhanced situational awareness of potential disruptions or to assist in routing the business back to normal operations during times of response and recovery from significant events.

Key Features

Enabling agencies or enterpise to monitor their assets and supply chain logistics in real-time against external risks.

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